3 surprising ways you can clean toys


It's amazing the mess kids can make sometimes. Here are three unexpected heros, that will help you get their toys clean in no time.

  1. Washing machine. We've all used it to wash stuffed plush toys, but did you know, you can also use it to wash Lego bricks? Put them in a pillow case, zip it shut (really tightly!) and wash them using the gentle cycle. Add a few towels or sheets to the load to reduce shaking.

  2. Steam oven. You can use your steam oven to sterilize baby bottles and toys. Alternatively, you can also use the Gorenje Baby Multichef, which uses steam to cook baby food. 

  3. Dishwasher. You can wash the plastic toy cookware and playdough utensils in the dishwasher. Just make sure you put them on the top rack and use the gentle programme. Open the dishwasher door after it has finished to make sure the toys dry completely. Or better yet, let the TotalDry function do it for you. 

Fully qualified to do your job. 

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