3 simple sensory activities for kids


Keeping kids occupied, especially during the long winter evenings, can sometimes prove to be quite a challenge. All the books have been read, the building blocks assembled, the princesses rescued. 

But you only need a few ordinary kitchen ingredients for these sensory activities, that will keep the kids entertained and happy for hours. Warning: your house might get a bit messy in the process, but the kids' sparkling eyes will be absolutely worth the clean-up.

Softest playdough

This two-ingredient playdough has the most wonderful silky smooth texture, that the kids will just love. All you need is cornstarch and some hair conditioner. The cheapest kind of conditioner will be fine, just make sure it has a nice, not too strong smell. You can even keep the playdough in an airtight plastic container for a few weeks. When it gets dry and crumbly, just add some more hair conditioner.  


  1. Put two cups of cornstarch in a large bowl.
  2. Add approximately one cup of hair conditioner, mixing with your hands until everything is combined. The playdough will be soft, silky and stretchy. 
  3. You can add glitter or food coloring to make it even more interesting.


Is it solid or is it liquid? Oobleck is a substance with a funny name and fascinating properties: it will feel solid if you tap it quickly and liquid if you let it slip through your fingers. In case you're raising a future physicist, this is called a non-Newtonian fluid. 


  1. Put one cup of cornstarch in a large bowl or a shalow plastic box. 
  2. Add a cup of water, mixing with your hands until everything is combined. The mixture has to be thick and it will harden if you tap on it. Add more water, if it's too dry or more cornstarch, if it's too runny.

Bubble fun

All kids love blowing bubbles! But it's not exactly an indoor activity, unless you're a fan of soapy stains on your furniture. We have a solution, though. All you need is water, dishwashing liquid, a plastic cup and a straw. 


  1. Fill a plastic cup halfway with water.
  2. Add a few drops od dishwashing liquid in the water and mix it with the straw. If you want, you can also add a drop of food coloring.
  3. Put everything on a baking tray or in a in shallow plastic box to keep the mess contained.
  4. Let your child blow into the water through the straw to make a bubble tower! 

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