Get perfect results with the right kitchen helpers


Simplify your daily cooking routine by choosing the perfect kitchen helper:

Perfectly blended smoothie. The greatest wealth is health! Nurture it by enjoying food that is healthy and as diverse as possible. It is a good idea to eat plenty fruit and vegetables – and smoothies may be the most convenient way to do so. Simply add your favourite combination of ingredients into a smoothie maker. A more powerful option is the blender with a high number of revolutions per minute.

Perfectly whipped cream. There is hardly a dessert that doesn't appreciate the company of whipped cream. Whether it is only used for decoration or takes centre stage as the key ingredient, ideal texture is the name of the game here. For perfect results, use your favourite hand mixer with a whisk. Another good option is a versatile hand blender with the whisk attachment.

Perfectly kneaded dough. There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread, especially in the morning as you're getting ready to kick off your day. For the exquisite pleasure of the perfect crust and crumb, you need perfect dough. Save your time and leave the work to a proven all-rounder: the automatic kitchen machine. Alternatively, use a hand mixer with the dough hooks.

Perfectly grilled snacks. Grilling is always in fashion. It makes the picnics tick, and it is also quite indispensable when making snacks at the heart of your home. Your contact grill will do justice to a variety of grilled dishes, as well as the oldie-but-goodie toast sandwiches. The space saving option is a mini grill or sandwich maker that is more compact, but often a decent match for the magic of the great grill masters.

Perfectly chopped onions. Precise cuts and preserved vitamins. An onion is often the queen of challenges when preparing the key ingredients for superb dishes. You can easily tackle them by using a convenient chopper or a food processor as an alternative. Instead of shedding tears over a cutting board, you will do so over moments of culinary bliss.

The perfect grind for any nut. Are you a fan of raw desserts, healthy snacks or crunchy toppings? The key ingredient to your masterpieces are certainly nuts, perfectly ground in a confident power blender that often comes with a grinding attachment. Alternatively, this attachment does well as a coffee grinder. Creativity knows no limits, especially in the kitchen.

Feel the passion of creation with Chef's collection 

Gorenje Chef’s Collection is a line of high-quality, durable small kitchen appliances: blender, hand blender and food processor. Each of them has been tested in the professional kitchen of chef Andrej Kuhar, a repeated Michelin-star winner. The appliances guarantee a long useful life and superb efficiency.

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